Michael McKee

Mike is a Senior Special Agent for the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  He has been with NICB since 1993. As a retired Federal Special Agent, he brought over 20 years of federal law Enforcement experience to NICB.  He obtained his under graduate degree at Texas A & M University and his Masters Degree at the University of Oklahoma.

His investigative expertise extends to all lines of insurance fraud and vehicle theft.  He has been or is an instructor at NICB’s Special Investigations Academy, its Advanced Academy and its Medical Investigations Academy.  He has also been an instructor for the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts basic course, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Catastrophe Fraud Course, as well as at several Universities’ undergraduate and advanced programs on criminal science.  He also routinely trains local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies.

He has been a speaker for a large number of national and international law enforcement, investigative or insurance organizations to include the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), IASIU (nationally and locally), National HealthCare Anti-Fraud Association, IFM, IAAI, ISO, PLRB, and CPCU, and regional organizations such as WASTI, SCFIA/NCFIA, the Combined, Western and Eastern Claims conferences.  His comments concerning insurance fraud or vehicle theft have been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, USA TODAY, Readers Digest, Claims Magazine, the National Underwriter, Insurance Journal Magazine/Insurance Claims Journal Magazine and other periodicals.

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