Michael Fabozzi

Before joining the California Department of Insurance, Detective Fabozzi was assigned to the NYPD for 22 years.  He started his career patrolling the subways in NYC from 8 PM to 4 AM. While there he received commendations for while working undercover, disarming a male with a sawed-off shotgun and charged with 18 armed robberies.  He received a valor medal for saving a person who was hit by a train and leg was pinned. Fabozzi cut the person’s foot to remove it while the power was on, saving his life. He quickly was promoted to Detective where he solved a heinous triple homicide in Harlem, after obtaining a full-written confession.  He was then transferred to Special Investigations Division, highly skilled group who worked major crimes, Joint-Terrorism Task, Fraud and Computer Crimes. Detective Fabozzi excelled there when he solved the Largest ID Theft case ever! 300 Million dollars. Fabozzi was praised for that case in all major newspapers and was featured in a national magazine, including People Magazine.  He is also a 9/11 first responder as he arrived at Ground Zero after the first plane hit the tower but before the 2nd plane hit. He survived the buildings collapse as some colleagues did not. He was at 7 WTC when that fell as he was part of the first Electronic Crimes Task Force. After 2 days at ground zero the NYPD decided to use his homicide & computer skills, and to help create a database for the bodies and body parts in the NYC Morgue.  This gave him experience with DNA and was recruited to a Rapid DNA company that was funded by the D.O.D. This company built an instrument that can sequence a DNA profile in under 90 minutes. He moved to Palo Alto where he was helping start-ups but missed law enforcement.

Detective Fabozzi has a Master of Arts from the University @ Albany, NY and a Bachelor of Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC where he was a Professor for 7 semesters.

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