Jenifer Marquardt

Jenifer Marquardt is a fraud specialist with the SIU at Zenith Insurance Company, where she has worked for over 24 years. She began her career in the claims department, and was frequently promoted into increasingly technical claims examiner positions, due to her proven knowledge of the complex workers’ compensation system and strategic claims handling. Before joining the SIU in January of 2016, Jenifer’s most recent experience was as a claims technical specialist in the Serious Loss Unit handling catastrophic injury cases. In this position, she gained significant knowledge of complex medical issues that impact workers’ compensation cases, as well as successful legal and claims handling strategies, including effective depositions. Jenifer has channeled this experience into her investigations of suspected fraudulent claims, and has built many cases from her ability to recognize important details in medical records and other evidence.

Jenifer has also testified multiple times at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board as a defense witness. She is a certified California Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster, and has received her Workers’ Compensation Claims Professional Certificate from the Insurance Educational Association. She is also certified to handle workers’ compensation claims for self-insured employers in California.

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