Battling Auto Insurance Fraud – A Proactive Undercover Approach to Auto Body Shops

This course will give attendees a look at how to conduct a simple and effective undercover operation to catch auto body shop insurance fraudsters.  Investigating auto body shop insurance fraud makes a difference, as the potential monetary loss to the insurance industry from body shop fraud is over 2 million dollars (Alameda County, CA estimate). We will discuss how to make the operation successful, touching on the Penal Code sections involved, operational planning, equipment use, evidence gathering, and defenses to look out for.  Finally, video from completed undercover operations will be shown as examples.

Adjuster CE Credit Agent/Broker CE Credit Auto/PI Basic Investigation Pgm MCLE (CDAA) CE Credit POST Accredited
Location: Spyglass Date: April 18, 2019 Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Danny Lau John Lee